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General information

Dear visitors of VDPO site!

All-Russian social organization “All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organization” (hereinafter - VDPO) - it is the largest and the oldest in Russia non-commercial organization in the fire safety and emergency situation safeguard field. 2017 is the year of IRPO-VDPO’s foundation 125th anniversary.

The United (later - Imperial) Russian Fire Organization (IRPO) was founded on the 15th of June, 1892 by the decision of fire figures congress in Saint-Petersburg. IRPO had been existing for 27 years. Because of disloyalty of Central council leaders to Soviet power in 1919 IRPO was dissolved (though organization departments, voluntary fire units and brigades continued almost in all provinces and were existing during Soviet power period.)

Добровольцы ВДПО

VDPO was created in Soviet period under Council of Ministers (RSFSR) Regulation  dated by Jule, 14, 1960 “About foundation of All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organization” ( the Charter was approved at the constituent conference which took place on 27th of November, 1960 in the building of Sverdlovsk fire technological college).

Today VDPO is:

  • 83 regional departments in regions of the Russian Federation (Departments and branches):
  • 756 local (municipal, district) departments of VDPO, including 22 departments in closed political units:
  • Tolyatti VDPO factory of fire-prevention equipment of dry chemical fire extinguishers, adsorbers, egresses and motorist sets production.
  • Research institute VDPO OPB with the branches in the largest regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Publishing house VDPO;
  • Trading house VDPO (Co Ltd “CS VDPO”)

There are more than 263 thousands VDPO members and citizens among us who voluntary fulfill public duties in fire safety and emergency situation safeguard field. VDPO is one of the biggest employers and taxpayers in Russia.  VDPO is the largest producer and supplier of big product mix of fore-technical output, means of prevention and emergency effect liquidation, fulfills all complex of works and service in the fire safety and emergency situation safeguard field on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Research institute VDPO OPB – is the largest system of scientific and expert institutions and branches  and big scientific and technical potential make it possible to solve the most difficult and important problems concerning fire-prevention safeguard and emergency safeguard at the whole territory of Russia.

Добровольцы ВДПО

The Organization is a joint participant of federal, regional and local target programmes and social projects in fire safety field. Annually the Organization masters works and realizes socially significant projects and grants to the amount of 4 billion rubles and more. The meaning and the purpose of VDPO Charter are generally useful and socially significant activity in fire safety and emergency safeguard field. VDPO entity is public, and the goals are state.

According to existing legislation, VDPO as social organization enjoys support of state. To join the efforts and activity coordination on 17th of June, 2008, VDPO and the Ministry of Emergencies signed the Agreement about collaboration. The agreements about collaboration were concluded with federal authorities and authorities of regions of the Russian Federation.

VDPO carries out the international collaboration programmes. VDPO entered into cooperation with Byelorussian Volunteer Fire Organization. In 2008 VDPO was affiliated of International Association of Fire and Rescue Services CTIF. VDPO member is person who voluntary does public duties concerning fire prevention and emergency effect liquidation, grants, maintains the Organization for Charter tasks realization. Creating and created property belongs to the whole Organization but not concrete member or members.

Main purposes of Organisation

16 860 children and youth clubs, youth fire brigades were made and function with assistance of VDPO which 226 687 children and teenagers visit. VDPO realizes extensive physical culture and fire sport programme among children and youths. The sporting event is included in Enumeration of Olympiads and other competitive events, in accordance with the event outcomes, winners take prizes.

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VDPO is main organizer of public and voluntary fire-prevention and search-and-rescue units in village places, towns and regions of the Russian Federation.

We are always ready for collaboration in prevention, fire and emergency liquidation field.